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Noah Nudell has established a strong foundation in the multifamily industry through his many years of experience, bringing  with him, a wealth of knowledge with respect to asset management, property operations, business planning, due diligence, acquisitions, claim management, and investor relations.


Prior to his role as the Managing Partner of Asset Management at Tides Equities, Mr. Nudell worked at Gelt, Inc., a Los Angeles based investment firm specializing in value-add multifamily real estate investments across the Western United States. During his tenure with Gelt, Mr. Nudell played a leading role in the portfolio management of Gelt’s billion dollar portfolio, while also playing an integral role with respect to investor relations, construction management, due diligence, claim management, property acquisitions, and property dispositions. While Mr. Nudell was with the firm, he grew the department to a team of multiple asset managers and a construction manager, while establishing the foundations of  the asset management department.


Mr. Nudell graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of San Francisco’s Honor’s Business Cohort Program, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. 

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